Huffington Post is biased against Israel!

Stop the biased reporting on the Huffington Post against Israel. The Israeli people have suffered unrelenting rocket attacks for years now. If this was happening against the United States we would put up with it for about one second. Why does Israel have to tolerate this kind of behavior on the part of the Palestinians?

With regards to the recent murders on both sides, it is interesting that Israel is the only one to make arrests. The Palestinians condone murder and do not seem interested in bringing the guilty ones to justice.

Huffington Post, you are one-side in your reporting and attempting to make Israel look bad. You headline the death of every Palestinian even though Israel has made warnings to people to let them get out of the areas that are going to be bombed. In today's headline you feature "disabled" people who died in an attempt to ratchet up the emotional response against Israel. You never seem to mention the three murdered teens - you don't feature their funerals and their parents crying over their deaths. You only feature the grief of Palestinians.

Stop the biased reporting against Israel - you undermine your credibility as a news service!

Defend Israel against claims of excessive force!

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The Flotilla flop: International community stops provocateurs


The Mavi Marmara was one of the Gaza flotilla ships of 2010

The Free Gaza" Flotilla II campaign appears to be a flop. Leaders of the international community essentially pulled the plug on what they recognized as a provocative and potentially dangerous anti-Israel publicity stunt.

Flotilla organizers had planned to launch ten to fifteen ships with self-described 'peace activist' passengers on board in an attempt to violate Israel's naval blockade of the Hamas-held Gaza Strip. They hoped to provoke Israel into a military response that would be widely publicized and severely condemned by the international community.

But things are not working out as they had hoped. The flotilla boats gathered in Greek ports, but Greece is refusing to give them permission to sail. Some boats ran into mechanical problems. Others ran into problems with insurers who, alerted to the flotilla's purposes, feared potential liability. Most important, the US, UN, EU, Greece, Canada, and France all were extremely critical of the flotilla and underscored that it was an unnecessary provocation that endangered passengers.

These international leaders laid out clear facts and principles that refuted the flotilla organizers. accusations against Israel and that undermine the accusations made in other campaigns to delegitimize and demonize Israel, from the boycott movement to the scheduled 'flytilla' in which anti-Israel activists plan to fly into Ben Gurion Airport this Friday.

Flotilla organizers claimed Israel's naval blockade of Gaza was "illegal." International leaders underscored that it is, in fact, legal and that Israel is entitled to militarily enforce the blockade. As the Canadian Foreign Minister explained, "Canada recognizes Israel's legitimate security concerns and its right to protect itself and its residents from attacks by Hamas and other terrorist groups, including by preventing the smuggling of weapons."[i] The organizers have been stopped short in their effort to misapply international law on naval blockades in order to single out and defame Israel.

The organizers claim that there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza has been exposed as a ruse. The international community, including the International Red Cross, has made it clear that there is no humanitarian crisis and whatever goods are needed can be delivered through legal, official entry points where they can be inspected for weapons. "We want to just reiterate that there are established and efficient mechanisms for getting humanitarian assistance through to Gaza." US State Department Spokesman Mark Toner, June 1, 2011[ii]

The international community recognized that the flotilla was not on a humanitarian mission, but rather engaged in a provocation that was intended to trigger violence by compelling Israel to enforce the blockade militarily. They held the flotilla organizers, not Israel, responsible for any violence that might occur. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on all Governments concerned to use their influence to discourage such flotillas, which carry the potential to escalate into violent conflict. Passengers on the American-flagged ship Audacity of Hope, were furious that the U.S. State Department refused to demand that Israel let them sail safely into Gaza, and instead warned the activists not to breach Israel's blockade.

The international community also recognized that the flotilla activists' primary aim was to lend support to Hamas, the Iranian proxy and a terrorist organization according to the EU, the US, Canada, and Japan. Corporations involved with the flotilla and passengers were warned that they could be held liable for aiding and abetting a designated terrorist organization which is a violation of American civil and criminal law.

The activists themselves have been exposed as extremists and agents provocateurs. It is now clear to the international community that members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas organized and raised money for the flotilla. Radical anti-Israel groups, like the International Solidarity Movement which has called Palestinian suicide bombing "noble" and Code Pink, whose leaders met with Iranian President Ahmadinejad and gave him advice about how to carry on his war against Israel, joined with the Islamists and brought often naive "peace activists" along with them.

Anti-Israel activists should learn from their flotilla failure. Their mission to cause potentially dangerous mischief is transparent, and is discrediting them in the eyes of the public. Their focus on Gaza, when just miles away Syrians are desperately fighting for their freedom from a brutal, dictatorial regime, exposes the warped values and priorities of their anti-Israel obsession. It is time for them to discard the extremism that propels them into their bitter vendettas against the Jewish state. If they are interested in improving the lives of Palestinians and Israelis, they should be promoting peaceful coexistence and negotiations, not engaging in political stunts that pervert international law and endanger their fellow travelers as well as Palestinians and Israelis.

Roz Rothstein is CEO of StandWithUs, the international Israel education organizations, and Dr. Seid is Education/Research Director of StandWithUs.

A 'Buycott' for Israel (to counter boycotts against this tiny country)

December 02, 2010 - Deborah Hirsch, Staff Writer
Israeli flags in hand, supporters of the Jewish state filed into the Center City Trader Joe's store on Tuesday to buy Israeli products as part of a national counterattack to the global "Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions" movement. Locally, Philly BDS launched a campaign against two brands of hummus in October.

Miniature Israeli flags in hand, supporters of the Jewish state filtered into the Center City Trader Joe's at lunchtime on Nov. 30 on a mission to buy Israeli products as part of a national counterattack to the global "Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions" (BDS) movement. 

Pro-Israel groups including StandWithUs and the America-Israel Chambers of Commerce last week declared Nov. 30 "Buy Israeli Goods Day" in response to rumors that anti-Israel groups affiliated with BDS had selected the same date for a national boycott.

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Note: My daughter was excited today because I told her she could choose a new menorah online - as long as it was from Israel! "Buycott" Israel today!

As 175 watch, Port Townsend Co-op rejects request to boycott Israeli products over Gaza issues

PORT TOWNSEND -- The Port Townsend Co-op board rejected a proposal to boycott Israeli products after much discussion Tuesday night.

The six-member board voted 4-2 against the proposal, saying that it was not consistent with its boycott policies.

An estimated 175 people attended the board meeting at the Quimper Universalist Unitarian Fellowship hall in Port Townsend.

The proposal sought the removal of several Israeli-made products from the co-op's shelves "until Israel stops violating international law and the rights of the Palestinian people."

"We have heard a great deal of impassioned testimony tonight," said board member Rick Sepler, who made the motion to reject the proposal.

"It came from people who really believe what they are saying, but I don't think it is the co-op board's responsibility to weigh in on these international issues."

The core of Sepler's motion was that the policy, which allows "a refusal to purchase and/or carry a product or company's product line that is not consistent with the Food Co-op's mission statement and principles" cannot be applied to a country. 

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