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BDS stands for "Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions" and is led by a group of Palestinian organizations (some say the Blacklist, Demonize and Slander Movement), which seeks to apply economic pressure on Israel through various means. Sadly, in the process this movement has been guilty of making wild and public claims about Israelis being murderous subhumans. The BDS organization targets political actions in small communities, knowing that they are ill prepared to defend themselves against the onslaught of this very organized political organization.

Entries about the BDS movement from Wikipedia:

Analysts, journalists, and policy groups in Israel have argued that the BDS movement promotes the delegitimization of Israel. In the Jersualem Post, Gil Troy argues that the BDS movement does not target Israel's polices, but rather targets Israel's legitimacy.[19] Similarly, The Reut Institute argued that by what they perceive as singling out Israel and applying double standards, the BDS movement delegitimizes Israel.[20] These groups and individuals argue that regardless of whether or not the participants in boycotts seek to threaten Israel's legitimacy, the movement itself and the organizers behind it have the same goal: isolate Israel like South Africa.

Before the BDS movement we had the Arab League boycott of Israel:

The Arab League boycott of Israel is a systematic effort by Arab League member states to isolate Israel economically in support of the Palestinians to prevent Arab states and discourage non-Arabs from providing support to Israel and adding to Israel's economic and military strength.[1] Historically, the boycott was also designed to deter Jewish immigration to the region.
While small-scale Arab boycotts of Zionist institutions and Jewish businesses began before Israel's founding as a modern state, an official organized boycott was only adopted by the Arab League after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. The implementation of the boycott has varied over time among member states with a number of member states of the Arab League no longer enforcing the boycott.