Huffington Post is biased against Israel!

Stop the biased reporting on the Huffington Post against Israel. The Israeli people have suffered unrelenting rocket attacks for years now. If this was happening against the United States we would put up with it for about one second. Why does Israel have to tolerate this kind of behavior on the part of the Palestinians?

With regards to the recent murders on both sides, it is interesting that Israel is the only one to make arrests. The Palestinians condone murder and do not seem interested in bringing the guilty ones to justice.

Huffington Post, you are one-side in your reporting and attempting to make Israel look bad. You headline the death of every Palestinian even though Israel has made warnings to people to let them get out of the areas that are going to be bombed. In today's headline you feature "disabled" people who died in an attempt to ratchet up the emotional response against Israel. You never seem to mention the three murdered teens - you don't feature their funerals and their parents crying over their deaths. You only feature the grief of Palestinians.

Stop the biased reporting against Israel - you undermine your credibility as a news service!